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Steel Stud Framing

Looking for good quality steel stud framing for your building? At Straightedge Contractor, we provide high-quality steel stud framing services for your residential, commercial, and industrial construction requirements. Our key clients include custom builders, developers, and project managers among others, who prefer our framing solutions throughout the country.

We specialise in offering high-standard interior and exterior steel stud framing for structural and load bearing support systems. We use a heavy gauge steel in the manufacturing process which is much preferred over wooden frames.

Why is the Steel Stud Framing superior to wooden framing?

Many reasons support the strength of Steel Stud Framing over wooden framing, some of which are listed below.

  • Steel studs are a lot stronger than wooden studs
  • Steel studs are lighter in weight and faster to work with than wooden framings
  • Unlike wooden framings, our steel studs don’t shrink or split
  • Steel studs are resistant to mold and rot from moisture access
  • Wooden framings may catch insect infestation, but steel studs will not
  • Steel stud framing is fireproof

Our offered steel stud framing is exceptionally sturdy and durable, and by some estimates may sustain for centuries. We have a team of well-trained professionals in the installation of steel stud frames. Backed by our superior experience and an amazing team, we are renowned for our high quality and reliable workmanship. We work diligently to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the finished product.

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