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Our Services

Straightedge Contractor provides a wide variety of construction and related services in Surrey for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional markets. We’d be happy to provide an estimate for your next project, or also offer a free consultation to answer any queries you may have.

Do you know exactly which straightedge services you want? To go further, all you need to do is upload your design drawings through our ‘Get a Free Quote’ form. Don’t have much time? No problem! We’re used to deliver services under tight timelines – let’s talk.

Here’s an overview of Straightedge Contractor’s specialties:

Steel Stud Bordering

  • Structural and light scale steel stud framing
  • Load-bearing steel framing

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Wallboard and Finishing

  • Installation of gypsum board
  • Taping and coating, with finishing stages of levels 0 to 5

Exterior Plastering

  • Experts in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems

Interior Insulation

  • Batt or rigid insulation fitting

Acoustic and Feature Ceilings

  • T-Bar ceiling construction and grid fitting
  • Vaulted and textured ceilings
  • Metal or wood feature ceiling systems

Access floor systems

  • choice of finishes and designs

While hiring a drywall services company in Surrey, you need to consider only one name, i.e. Straightedge Contractor. Backed with a large team of highly committed, skilled industrial professionals, we ensure quality is never compromised on any level.

We have the level of expertise and experience you need for your next construction project. Click on the “Get a Free Quote” link at the top of this page to get a free quote. To contact us for more information on the business and our services, please click here.

Commercial & Industrial

Straightedge Contractor has been working in the commercial construction space for some years. We have skilled industrial people to accomplish any plan with suspended ceilings, steel stud walls and access floor systems. Our team involves a wide variety of commercial partners like architects and developers on projects like new office buildings, refreshing and refurbishing standing offices, developing warehouse partitions, creation of retail super structures and more.


Schools and hospitals around the world have special design needs. And, we have the experience of working on many unique renovations and buildings in the education and health care sectors. Are you looking for something to help provide a decent structure and finish to inspire students, or want to bring a sense of wellness and tranquillity to the space? Whatever you may want, we will put our expertise to work for you at the earliest.

Multi Family

Straightedge Contractor has built almost every kind of building including multi-family homes: apartments, condos, duplexes and townhouses. We can meet the specific building codes and all the safety requisites for multi-family homes. Also, we have enough experience installing superior quliaty sound-proofing materials to fulfil the needs of multi-family construction buildings.

Single Family

Whether it’s a custom-built new home or a residential renovation, Straightedge Contractor acknowledges that it’s the finishing touches that make a house a home. We understand very clearly that the personal expression of the homeowner is the key in constructing a building; so, we take care of the element very well. We are about to start some projects with many of Vancouver’s top residential builders. From vaulted ceilings to world-class finishes in interior and exterior, we can create anything you want.

Straightedge Contractor INC

 7750 128st Surrey BC V3W 0R6

Phone: 672 514 9486