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Drywall Installation

Need drywall installation for your residential, commercial, or industrial building? Straightedge Contractor offers you the high-quality professional drywalling services at the most affordable prices. Backed by superior experience in the industry and a team of adept industrial professionals, we are committed to provide reliable and stress-free drywalling services to our valuable customers.

Drywall installation is a term given to the application of gypsum board to different surfaces like metal framing, masonry, and timber using precise fixing methods. These dry lined finishes can be taped and jointed or can be skin finished. Straightedge Contractor also specializes in metal frame and grid ceiling systems.

Drywall is also known as sheetrock and wallboard, and is the preferred medium for interior wall building which gives a seamless finished look. Drywall panels are made of fire-retardant gypsum board which are relatively better due to the ease of installation and high durability. The thickness of drywall is generally from 1/4 inch to 5/8 inch. Thicker the material, the more padded and soundproof the walls become. On the other hand, thinner drywall can be used on rounded corners.

Drywall installation services

Installation of a drywall wall involves attaching the wallboard sheets to the wall, which is then followed by taping, filling and sanding the joints. Thereafter, the final painting takes place to smoothen the wall.

Drywall is more useful than the old plaster method as it is more stable and easier to repair. Moreover, when installed by a skilled professional, finished drywall offers a seamless look. More than anyone else, DIY’ers would know better that achieving the perfect smooth finish is easier said than done.

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